Project: Megamachines

Our MegaMachine Project proposes two giant 3D printer prototypes:

Megamachine+: We are working to commercialize the MM+, our multi-material 3D printer for industrial prototyping, 1m cube and ultra-fast.

Megamachine: We have a giant multi-material industrial prototyping printer, 2m x 600 mm x 600 mm.  Slow but giant!

Here are some applications:

  • A large scale molding prototypes
  • 3D printed walls, compliant with standards, innovative and parametric
  • 3D printed building components
  • 3D printed craft hulls suitable for water, air and land
  • 3D printed eco-friendly furniture and fixtures
  • 3D printed patio furniture and pool accessories
  • 3D printed decoration, whether it be decorations, signage, kiosks, etc.

We are looking to make initial sales to industrial customers with the added bonus that they will be able to work with us on the development of the machines and our technical support program.

For more information,

Contact persons:

Tammy Mackenzie, CEO
Dominic Beaubien, Operations
Sean Taffert, CTO
Anne Smith Cerone, Sales Manager

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