C. Perry, Human Relations

Christine Perry, Human Relations

Email : christine@printourhome.com

The search for truth, health and spirituality have been Christine’s main and newest guides in order to personally grow and contribute to the movement that is life. She seeks to surround herself with inspiring people who are acting for the common good in order to push the limits of the possible and her possible. Her daughter and love remain her main inspirations to be the best version of herself.

Her mission with CoopPOHÉ is to ensure that people are considered and taken into account in a caring manner. Also, via CREAQuebec, to put in place physical and strategic structures to allow all members of the team, as well as its allies, to benefit from a healthy and facilitating environment such as vegetarian cooking, gardens, and a democratic multi-age learning center.

Other projets:

Participation active et militante au RÉDAQ pour le droit à l’éducation démocratique .

Démarrage d’un centre d’apprentissage libre: Les Apprentis-Sages