A. Smith Cerone, Sales Director

Anne Smith Cerone, Sales Director
Email : anne@polyaula.com

Anne Smith Cerone has worked with people all her life, mainly in the customer service aspect such as clients at BELL for many years, in Quebec province, then as co-owner of a successful classic Italian restaurant for more than two decades in South Florida, with her husband Chef Antonio.

Her dedication to excellent customer service experience, based on integrity, compassion and attention to details, has been rewarded with an established repeat clientele.

Now, she is proud to be part of such a group of mindlike people, wanting to better the environment , with their great ideas and actions toward making the world more eco-friendly.

Her goal is to participate and do her part in their endeavor.

Anne’s personal satisfaction in life is to help others, specially her family, in order for them to succeed to the best of their abilities.