The Responsibilities of Business Owners in the Questions of Human Extinction

By T Mackenzie, on Poupart.Farm

The original version of this article has been  accepted at and we’re really honoured and excited. The version française is available here on our blog, with our apologies for any errors.

“We have as a culture accepted that experts in social questions, in government or out, can be trusted to act in our best interests, and that against every piece of historical fact or evidence. They act in their own self-interest, that of the very small, very rich minority in charge of governments. That interest is in keeping the status quo, this situation that is going to kill us. Far from outsourcing our critical thinking to a narrow caste, “educated” in the extraordinarily selfish and shortsighted views of a hero-myth in which they and only they can save us, we must instead be giving the tools and information to make those decisions to absolutely everyone, and promoting cooperation towards useful ends, and that as urgently as humanly possible.”

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